Professionalism, efficiency and stability

The company has a professional and efficient business team, the core members of which all have rich working experience in large financial institutions and nearly 10 years of experience in financial leasing, and are familiar with the structure, functions and operation specifications of various financial instruments.

Dedicated to third party financial leasing company and integrated financial services platform

In addition to the effective support of domestic and overseas shareholders, the Company maintains close collaborative relationships with a number of commercial banks, insurance companies, trust companies, securities companies, asset management companies and other types of financial institutions, and is well positioned to provide quality services to its clients on a sustainable and steady basis.

Serving with heart, creating a future together

Based in the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region and facing the whole country, the company is deeply involved in key directions and fields such as transportation infrastructure, energy, chemical industry, equipment manufacturing, medical and health care, energy conservation and environmental protection, and insists on exploring the development path of specialization, refinement and specialization.


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A preliminary understanding of customer service and leaseback financing

Customer service refers to the leaseback by the plant owner will be part of their original possessions to the lessor to obtain financing, and then to cover the cost of rent, to lease back the way a le


Analysis on the Advantages of Financial Leasing

Financing lease is a kind of economic behavior of the lessee to obtain the right to use the object in a certain period of time in the form of rent. When an enterprise needs to purchase equipment, not


Small and medium enterprises in the financial leasing of machinery and equipment more

Small and medium-sized enterprises is an important part of China's national economy, but it faces many problems in the development process, one important problem is the financing difficulties, played


What is the difference between financial leasing and financial leasing?

Society often hear people speak, "finance lease", "financial lease" what are the links and differences between the two? If from a business point of view, there is no difference between financial leasi


Warmly celebrate Guoxin (Tianjin) financial leasing limited liability company website!

Warmly celebrate Guoxin (Tianjin) financial leasing limited liability company website!


Analysis on the difficulties in the development of the financial leasing market and the solutions

In today, in fact, any kind of financial products, the new creation of any kind of products are the result of a variety of financial mechanisms, then the same in many of which can not be separated fro


Financing lease: three banks met in the rapid development of

From Chinese leasing alliance data show that as of the end of March 2012, the balance of financial leasing contracts has exceeded one trillion yuan mark, reaching 11000 billion yuan; and this figure i


Regional policy advantage to boost the development of financial leasing

With the gradual increase in market penetration, China's financial leasing industry more and more attention to the market, local governments have begun to formulate standardized policies to promote th


Part of the pilot financing leasing company approval authority delegated to the FTA

Recently, the Ministry of Commerce, the State Administration of Taxation issued "on Tianjin and other 4 Free Trade Zone funded leasing companies engaged in financing lease business related issues noti


Middle and high end brands to promote financial leasing business

Recently, Mercedes Benz announced in August 1st will be officially launched in China automobile leasing business. A message, causing widespread concern in the industry, coupled with the June 1st, Audi


Factoring cooperation Eagles farming intends to finance 310 million yuan

Eagles farming August 25th evening announcement, the company in order to further expand the financing channels, the subordinate part of food production equipment company to customer service leaseback


Shanghai to accelerate the implementation of the development of the financial leasing industry to implement the introduction of the implementation of the implementation of the next Thursday

Shanghai municipal government issued the "opinions on accelerating the development of the city's financial leasing industry". The implementation of the implementation of the opinion since September 1,


Liuhe finance leasing group and Ping An Bank jointly launched the strategic cooperation and communication

The day before, Liuhe financial leasing group and the industry giant - Ping An Bank reached a strategic cooperation agreement with the depth of cooperation between the two sides, the theme focused on


Financing leasing industry development opportunities for talent demand

In the spirit of the central policies to encourage and guide the Tianjin Free Trade Zone, Fujian province and Shaanxi Province, and other local governments quickly response, has issued a corresponding


China has more than 450 thousand enterprises with foreign investment

Before August this year, the country's newly registered foreign-invested enterprises 24 thousand and 500, an increase of 9.37%, after two consecutive years of negative growth to achieve the same perio



National prosperity (Tianjin) Financial Leasing Co., Ltd.

National prosperity (Tianjin) Financial Leasing Co., Ltd. was registered and established in Tianjin Free Trade Zone (Airport Economic Zone) on June 14, 2016, with registered capital of RMB 1.94 billion.